Skill Training Certificate

Skill Acquisition Phase

The Skill Training Certificate demonstrates to the coach the importance of providing a solid foundation of technical skill, the individual skill every player needs to play the game.

The Skill Acquisition Programs (SAP) are programs aiming for talented boys 14 and under, with the emphasis on developing the functional game skills.

The participants should feel that they have become a better teacher by improving their ability to organise, observe, and communicate and C.H.A.N.G.E.I.T. (the presentation Methodology).

“Group Coaching Practices” will provide the participant with the necessary feedback from their peers (as a group) highlighting such things as “what went well” and “what can be improved”, during their coaching presentation and practice methods. Feedback will be done in a “group setting”.

This fourteen (14) hour course has been designed to help those coaches who are training players aged between 9 and 13 years and provides ideas on how to create a positive learning environment for the players.

No assessment

Before The Course Starts; Participant (Pre-Course information)

On enrolment the participant attending the course should receive clear instructions on:

  • The course requirements, attendance, participation.
  • Their responsibilities and obligations throughout the course (to be punctual, no mobile phones unless special circumstances). To participate in practical sessions (unless medically unable). To be dressed in the appropriate clothes and suitable footwear for the conditions. To Respect other participants and Presenters. Participants must attend all the sessions.
  • What they must bring to the course
  • Required attire to wear on the course
  • Required writing material and a clear understanding of procedures, participants should provide their own writing and note taking materials.
  • Additional protection, wet weather gear / sunscreen, shin pads etc.
  • How / where to download course notes / workbook if not done already
  • Notes for participants (to be downloaded by participants)

U12/13 start playing 11 v 11

U9 to U U12 play small-sided games

You are encouraged to go onto the and website and look under Coach Education and start your learning.

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